Some People Can Smell Rain & Scientists Know WhySome people can smell rain, and scientists now know why. Ever notice  the air outside has a distinct smell after a rain storm? Some people aWEATHERBOY

In 2015, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) used high-speed cameras to record how the scent moves into the air., testing roughly 600 experiments across 28 different surfaces to see what releases a scent and how that scent travels. Their experiment showcased that when a raindrop lands on a porous surface, air from the pores forms small bubbles, which float to the surface and release aerosols.

These floating aerosols carry the scent into the air, bringing bacteria and viruses up from the soil as well. Raindrops that move at a slower rate tend to produce more aerosols than a heavy rain.

This is why petrichor is especially noticeable on light rain days, but not so much after soaking storms.

I r really don’t know this wasn’t common.. until now I assumed everyone actually could smell rain..

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