Variants vs. vaccines: Is the COVID-19 race ever going to end?

From the Jeruselem Post: On Monday, Dr. Asher Salmon, director of the Health Ministry’s Department of International Relations, told the Knesset that there was a South American variant that had made its way into the US, and if it came to Israel, “we will reach the lockdown that we so desperately want to avoid.”
FIRST, HOW a variant behaves in a country in South America does not necessarily reflect how it will behave in a country such as Israel. That’s because countries such as India or Peru have challenged health systems and high levels of poverty, explained Yasmin Maor, head of the Infectious Disease Unit at Wolfson Medical Center.

“It is difficult to extrapolate how a particular variant will behave with a better health system,” she said, recalling the South African variant that threatened to break the Israeli healthcare system but barely infected Israelis.

That’s likely one of the reasons that Health Ministry Director-General Nachman Ash said later Monday in an interview with KAN News, “I do not want to create unnecessary panic.”
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The article also goes out to correctly point out how long previous pandemics often lasted.. sometimes for hundreds of years like the Bubonic plague.. the HIV pandemic and AIDS was filled with fear and mystery until life extending drugs were finally approved…

And now as the United States government announces an autumn of boosters, people fatigued by fear, anger, and frustration, are coming to grips with the idea that COVID, just maybe, never ends …


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