Today may be the day after tomorrow

Antarctica has experienced unfathomable temperatures in recent days. Temperatures have been as high as 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit above normal.

One of the most anomalous extreme temperature events ever observed in human history.

Meanwhile this week the North Pole was 50 degrees above normal.

Weather stations in Antarctica shattered records Friday as the region neared autumn. The two-mile high (3,234 meters) Concordia station was at 10 degrees (-12.2 degrees Celsius),which is about 70 degrees warmer than average, while the even higher Vostok station hit a shade above 0 degrees (-17.7 degrees Celsius), beating its all-time record by about 27 degrees (15 degrees Celsius), according to a tweet from extreme weather record tracker Maximiliano Herrera.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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