Say goodbye before September 23. It’s been fun. D

Say goodbye before September 23. It’s been fun. David Meade, a self-proclaimed “researcher,” is predicting that a series of apocalyptic events will begin on Sept. 23 and, “a major part of the world will not be the same.”Nibiru is coming, he says…There is also a tremendous American media interest in this prophecy over the past … Read moreSay goodbye before September 23. It’s been fun. D

Tetrad -idatious over September offerings 

This month is THE month for many.. the month of doom. The month of blood moons.. the month of Papal lunacy. The month of potential prophetic biblical fulfillment. Or maybe.. just September for others.     Unless you’ve lived under a tin-foil covered rock, you have heard about the endless amounts of websites and blogs portraying … Read moreTetrad -idatious over September offerings 


It’s everywhere. The HORROR REPORT may as well address it too.. If you were not aware, there is a conspiracy theory flying around a number of circles about an upcoming September doomsday scenario.. a world ending event.. a humanity killing asteroid on a collision course with the planet earth.. These rumors have persisted for some … Read moreWAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS

Prosecutors in Milan reveal: Vatican was 2010 terror target

ITALIAN PROSECUTORS SAY THAT THE SAME ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS WHO CARRIED OUT A BOMB ATTACK IN PAKISTAN ALSO TARGETED THE VATICAN.. MORE: AP REPORTS: The Vatican downplayed the significance of the alleged plot. “From what it appears, this concerns a hypothesis that dates from 2010 which didn’t occur. It has therefore no relevance today and no … Read moreProsecutors in Milan reveal: Vatican was 2010 terror target


Strange times.. strange coincidences.. Weird timing. And bad things coming in threes.. It’s obvious that Americans are fixated on Ferguson.. the Middle East is trying to escape the clutches of genocide and grotesque videos of reporters getting beheaded.. But all the while, a few oddly-timed events occurred within hours of themselves involving Pope Francis. The … Read moreALL THINGS COME IN THREES