It’s everywhere. The HORROR REPORT may as well address it too..

If you were not aware, there is a conspiracy theory flying around a number of circles about an upcoming September doomsday scenario.. a world ending event.. a humanity killing asteroid on a collision course with the planet earth..

These rumors have persisted for some time.
Just today the UK MIRROR did its part by running a story in the tabloid paper across the pond saying that America’s JADE HELM is possibly just prep work for the Autumn end times..

This whole end times thing has gotten so big that NASA was even forced to issue some public commentary on it, saying they are not aware of any such object on any collision course with the planet..

The chance is always there for a surprise ending—we know that. The fireballs that blaze through the skies at night often are the sign that we are at the mercy of celestial objects that don’t know our names or care about our plight. And despite our might we’ll never be right.

But the September asteroid rumors not only need to be taken with a grain of salt, but perhaps an entire container of Salt–preferably with iodine because of Fukushima’s REAL disastrous effects on the planet.

For instance, these rumors of end times were started by a ‘prophet’ named Rev Efrain Rodriguez. Oh, a self-proclaimed prophet at that. And I guess none of us ever heard of a self-proclaimed prophet who only predicted the end for profits, right?

This entire rumor began sometime around the beginning of 2015 when the site All News Pipeline and others began profiling the rumor and giving it credence.  NASA’s staged ‘asteroid event‘ this spring didn’t help things. Nor did 6 Walmarts being closed for ‘plumbing.’ Or Jade Helm.. or countless super moons and blood moons.. Or weird booms across the planet.. or CERN starting up.. or Russia and the United States seemingly going back into nuclear stances.. or ISIS threatening attacks on American soil.. or Miley Cyrus posing completely nude and covered in mud in PAPER magazine..

But an asteroid?
There does not seem to be any evidence that such an event is coming.. there does not appear to be a wide-ranging group of amateur astronomers who have captured sight of the fearful might coming sometime in September.. There are countless numbers of astronomers who would love to get their name slapped on a killer rock. But to date, the only one seeing it is the ‘seer’ who said God told him of the great events to arrive.

We have been down this road before.
The seers and prognosticators who claim God gave them guidance.
I’ll keep my mind clear of this one. Awareness is fine.. But diving into nonsense and believing it is mentally ill.

Good luck to the preppers …Nothing much to prep.
Hope the Rapture goes well for you.


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