The Iran story you’re not hearing about

Clyde Lewis typically focuses his radio show on the strange and unusual, with a twist. He’ll ignore the tempest in the teapot of daily news, while the rest of his competitors struggle with political implications. And that is often times what makes his show so special–it’s a tribute to creativity and entertainment, with food for thought and good information mixed in to please the mind during the late night hours..

Last night, though, his show got under my skin–deeper than others that featured tales of ghosts and goblins. This show, last night, focused on the very thing which can kill human nature, the world.. everything: The big asteroid. The lurking monster which is poised to strike. Maybe this century. But it is out there. And if the universe indeed lives forever, it will happen to the planet earth just as it may have 65 million years ago. We think..

Clyde Lewis’ August 3 show was important for a few reasons.  First off, there has been this undying suspicion amongst the conspriacy fishwrappers of the Net world that NASA ‘knows something.’ And that the something is a life altering asteroid strike this September.. Secondly, it gave natural attention to the source of these predictions: A self proclaimed prophet named Efrain Rodriguez. This man’s ideas of a rapture beginning this autumn has been so strong, and caught on so much, even NASA itself was forced to respond, stating that it is not aware of anything on the horizon that will turn Earth into a former human life living pile of rubbish.

A few notable events worldwide have caused a rise in high strangeness, as noted on GROUND ZERO last night. News tidbits such as these:

A ‘heat dome’ in Iran so strong, that temperatures rose to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. One meteorologist said it was the most incredible observations ever seen.

It does not end there. The continuing Iran story unfolded after the heat dome became yesterday’s news was even weirder: A series of serious meteor impacts in various places in Iran, along with observable seismic activity to coincide.  Somewhat like Russia in the winter of 2013 over the Ural Mountains..

The news blackout on the Iranian meteor issue is startling, however..
Media sources have been busy reporting on every angle and aspect of the Obama Administration nuclear deal with the nation George W. Bush declared a card carrying member of the Axis of Evil, but the same sources aren’t too busy worrying about an actual event of true seismic proportions. The strange blackout has even inspired counter-conspiracy claims that the meteorite story is false to begin with, that something else is afoot and the activity in the nation isn’t what it seems..

A few days ago Tehran confirmed the meteor strike. But the reports of that confirmation have not been shared on worldwide publications that gain the most respect as news networks.. The ‘other guys’ have been busy saying it, along with on the scene reporting from Twitter users in the areas affected by the purported meteor. 

Oh, and not to be outdone by Christians pastors predicting the end times in September, but this newest meteor hit in Iran has given rise to cultural rumors in the nation that their Messiah is coming.

I have written prior that this September asteroid rumor has been around for some time.. And that the source of the prophecy may be questionable.  I find myself standing by that assertion. Maybe because I sort of believe it..maybe because part of me is a little freaked that it could also be true..

Are you rapture ready?
Did you clean up?
Jesus may come today.
As may an asteroid.
Wake me up when September ends.

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