The night terror dog

Mutley the Dog is a good pet. He’s a member of the family. After all, when you bring home an animal from whatever place, whether new or rescued, you welcome into your abode with loving open arms. At least you should. And that is what my family did for Mutley in November 2013.

The Mutley conundrum has been intensifying lately..
You see, he is tremendously nervous, all of the time. He is constantly ready to play like a puppy, but worry like an old aged animal.. He paces around the house when he is alone, does no damage, but anxiously anticipates the master or masterette to be back..

Until recently,  he only seemed to be at ease during the night, when the entire family is asleep. Many nights ended with my son Ayden and my dog Mutley crowded in the ‘big bed’ of mom and dad, scrunched into odd contortions as my wife and I attempt to not fall to the floor due to the lack of space.

But that night time portion has changed. His behavior has completely altered since the summer began. He spends some of his time alone crouched under a desk, balled up in a dark room. Then he springs through the house as though he sat on a pile of nails face up. He never sleeps in the ‘family’ bed anymore.. nor does he seem to want any part of anything. Instead he wants to hide most of the night.

Around 3am or 330am each morning–I am not exaggerating–he begins to poke his nose into the bedroom and run around the room like a rabid animal. He quickly jumps on the bed whimpering, nudging his head to look out of the window. When he does this during the daylight hours, it is because he wants to excrete a bodily function.  At night, the game is different.

I take him outsides when this occurs–just last night this happened three separate times, 3am, 315 am, and 330 am. And one more time at 450am, hence I am writing this blog post at 510am my time.

Each time he is outside, he stand there still.. Silent.. almost like a stone. Staring at the trees, the sky, whatever catches his eye. And he stands in fear.

This is odd behavior for this dog.
He has been a weird and odd animal since we had him, and thunderstorms don’t help.  This newest fearlike mentality has been exacerbated by darkness. And by timing.. The 3am hour..

I don’t know if this means anything more than the pure fact we got a weird dog.
And I certainly cannot figure out what thoughts go through an animal’s head.
But I can tell you with surety: My dog has suddenly changed recently.. to a point where, at night, he has become unrecognizable.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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