think-progress: USA Network Postpones Finale Of ‘Mr. Robot’ Because Of Violent Scene Similar To Virginia Shooting USA Network has announced that it will delay the finale of its well-received summer hacker drama Mr. Robot due to “a graphic scene similar in nature” to a shooting Wednesday at a Virginia TV station that left three journalists … Read more

The MTV music awards will be hosted by Miley just being Miley. And that has to make even THEM a bit nervous considering the significant delay they opted to use for the Cyrus show .. The pop culture event of the year? Or the dud of the decade? Nipples will flow and armpit hair … Read more

Just started following High Carb Hannah

Just started following High Carb Hannah The site .. I’m not completely at a no animal fats point yet but my diet has significantly altered over the past decade to get me closer.. The thoughts of how I ate in my early 20s is horrible considering how I feel now compared to then.. I … Read moreJust started following High Carb Hannah