Nothing to see here. Except a huge giant strange anomaly near Africa

Debate online about the ‘ocean anomaly’ near Africa

It showed up on infrared .. TikTok went nutnuts. Social media went wild.. people wondered if it was the end times, a UFO taking off, or a massive wave that will sweep the globe..


A malfunction.. Just a sensor mistake..
It’s all good.


NEWSWEEK and others reported the malfunction theory. But that has not stopped rumors and fears from churning.

Some even wondered.. it is the mother ship!

Massive water ‘Disturbance’ DEEP in Southern Hemisphere of Earth! USO Giant Mothership.. Watch full video on my YouTube channel #mrmbb333 #anomaly #rogue #roguewave #uso #ocean #waves #mysterious #trending #viral #glitch #asteroid #vortex  — Michael Bradbury (@MrMBB333) April 13, 2024

All that aside.. it all seemingly is being explained by the company that admitted a software error.

Despite numerous reports of UFOs or Atlanteans launching from the ocean 👽🛸, yesterday's image of giant waves near Africa was due to a model error. Fortunately, our provider, the German Meteorological Institute @DWD_presse, has already resolved it, and the forecast is fine.  — Ventusky (@Ventuskycom) April 12, 2024