When the limelight dims, the pasties come out.. Or just a mud-washed photo op for a paper magazine..

All of that in the news tonight in the world of music..

Mike Vulpo in E! reporting about Lady Gaga–remember her?
She had a revealing look after Tony Bennett got the flu.. Vulpo wrote,

Just one day after wearing a fishnet outfit that showcased silver pasties and black undies, Gaga decided to switch up her look ever so slightly. While the pasties are definitely back, it’s now time to add some leather.

Working ripped tights, a sheer tank top and a blinged-out jacket, Gaga definitely turned heads when she stepped out in London Tuesday evening.

Bennett tweeted out an apology for missing the show—words that I can’t help but reading in the voice of Alec Baldwin’s Bennett impersonation on SNL.

And some may be demanding an apology after reading the latest issue of PAPER magazine.  Big butts from 2014 should step aside, a new nude is in town.. Miley Cyrus gets political and filled with mud in the latest issue of that publication..

You can view PAPER’s full nude—and often thought provoking if not bizarre—photos online.

Perhaps Tony Bennett skipped his show to go out and find PAPER..

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