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Space probe picks up something mighty interesting on camera: Could this be a comet version of Stonehenge?Rosetta was able to capture an image of what appears to be standing stones on a comet moving through space.. One of the rocks – a huge boulder with a diameter of around 90 feet – appears to be balanced precariously on the comet’s surface. Scientists admit that the information is not yet clear as to how the stones formed in their positions but believe it was due to the transport process on the surface. But the scientific theory hasn’t quelled the most lively of speculators who are pondering the possibilities that the stones were purposely arranged there.. Admittedly, the on-purpose theory is much more fun than the other option..
A ‘pay per mile’ fee has been long speculated about by those with tightly worn tin foil hats. But as most ‘conspiracies’ go, they come to fruition eventually in our world of reality based science fiction.. Such as this: Oregon is considering ditching the g…


I am going to share a secret never before uttered: I copied all of my comedy material from someone else in grade school..
See, I was a bit of a class clown at times. I came up with some of my own stuff, my own jokes. By high school, there were times I even worked blue. But from around 1990 through the end of the 20th century, I was a hardcore David Letterman fan.

Clyde's paranormal play

High praise for CRIMSON PEAK trailer

The colony continues to collapse

More than two out of five American honeybee colonies died in the past year, and surprisingly the worst die-off was in the summer, according to a federal survey.MORE :


An excited Art Bell posted a link on his Facebook page to tonight. The site announces a set of FAQs in relation to the MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT program set to appear this summer..


The Fourth was with you yesterday. But today is Cinco de Roswell …

Roswell Slides day..
The day that UFO watchers have been waiting for .. ‘evidence,’ some would say, of UFOs stuffed away on old photographs in an attic..

THERE IS LIVE VIDEO HERE..(at least as long as the event is live) 

There is a ‘megathread’ on REDDIT..

Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis is current talking about it on his show (at the time this post is written, 11pm on May 5 ‘15)

Tonight, George Noory with Coast to Coast AM is going to have a panel of guests to speak about the slides as well..

And a backstory for those not aware of the ROSWELL SLIDES or the story behind them.. THIS from Anthony Bragalia’s blog a Different Perspective on where these ‘slides’ have come from..

Roswell is where it all began. At least the modern UFO hunt..
And now the Roswell Slides are going to spice things up a bit in the UFO field–more than that not at all credible 1990s alien autopsy fraud.

But are these new slides frauds, too?
Just another tall tale…

A creepypasta I'm excited about

This is the kind of horror news I love to read..
CLIVE BARKER is going to make some CREEPYPASTAS come alive 
From Jeff the Killer to Slender Man, Barker is going to make CreepyPastas into short YOUTUBE videos..

It will be on the Machinima’s channel. Along with many others–a clear indication of the changing entertainment landscape..

Cool news.. I am thoroughly looking forward to watching this project develop..

Loving that Harley Quinn

David Ayer on Twitter summonses the cast of SUICIDE SQUAD.. and yes, that is Harley Quinn..

Also shown:  Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang.. And more.

With each new photo and each new day, the SUICIDE SQUAD looks better and better..
I wonder about the Jared Leto JOKER.. the jury remains out on that..

A long hot summer coming

US Summer Forecast: Northeast to Endure More 90-Degree Days Than in 2014; Extreme Drought to Expand in West »
The ACCUWEATHER summer forecast:
Warmth from central Canada and the northern Plains will flow into the Northeast this summer, leading to above-normal temperatures and drier conditions for much of the region.
“I’m not expecting extreme heat, but periods of warmer-than-normal temperatures will come and go during the course of the summer,” Expert Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok said.
After a cooler-than-normal summer of 2014, the East overall is forecast to be hit by more 90-plus degree days this summer.
In Philadelphia and New York City, there may be as many as 10 more than last summer.
For much of the summer, the central and southern mid-Atlantic will come alive with showers and thunderstorms.
Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia will be in the line of fire.

Now come the locusts..

What plague will be next!?
There is a fascinating story making the rounds online.. Originally reported in the Courier Mail in the UK,  PLAGUES of locusts have been devouring their way through the state’s central west compounding the hardships suffered by drought-affected farmers.

Get this..Matthew Killoran writes,
More than 150 swarms have been reported to Biosecurity Queensland so far this year, with some reported to be more than 40ha in size and thick enough to “black out the sky”.
While their activity has been dying down as winter approaches, there are fears eggs are lying dormant waiting to return in favourable weather conditions.
There were only 15 swarms reported throughout the state from 2011 and 2013.
But before you get ready for a Christian style rapture, keep in mind that this pest is somewhat normal and there are stories from history of it happening.

And while that’s fine and dandy, just picture a wall of locusts flying at you..

Maybe it’s time to consider harvesting them.
I hear th…

Justin Timberlake as you really don't want to see him

And it’s really, really creepy.

I can certainly see this being a villain in horror movies.

The Dry Age

Catastrophic California drought is having another scary side effect: Rodents are climbing trees and taking water from bird baths Learn more: »
Everything needs water to survive..
And rodents know survival at the fittest.

One creepy tale:
Tina O'Keefe of Dirty Rats Rodent Removal told NBC, “There’s no water source for them right now so they’re going outside to get it. They eat plants. They eat meat. They’re going to the dog park because there are water bowls. They’re going to horse stables because there’s water.”
Heron Head Park, which is situated just south of San Francisco, is one example where rats are coming out and taking water from dogs.
“This has not happened before,” Renee Dunn Martin of the Port of San Francisco told the San Francisco Chronicle.
“It’s an open space, and a natural habitat for a lot of creatures, but regarding the rats, we are definitely on top of that issue and doing our best to address it,” Dunn Martin emphasized.

It’s been said that even after nuclear strikes, co…


Expect to hear lots about this movie soon.. THE NIGHTMARE is a documentary that follows the stories of several people who are afflicted from sleep paralysis.. and along with that curse, they all seem to see the same things: Hat man, shadow people, the same voices talking..

There may be tricks in the brain being played..
There may be alternate dimensions opening up..

Rodney Ascher (from ROOM 237) doesn’t really seem to care about the scientific reasonings to explain away the stories, instead he focuses on the stories themselves and the people who suffer from the visions.. And how it changes lives..

Bloody-Disgusting reviewed this recently and gave it a rave rating--people seem genuinely frightened by the topic.

There are real stories from real people of these events taking place.
The mighty strange aspect of it all seems to be persistent and also relative to the fact that all of the people suffering from this see the same thing. The same shadows.. Hear the same voices. Exact..
That ma…

One fine day in May

Some news of the weekend

Mars astronauts could develop dementia on journey to Red Planet

The University of California found that exposure to highly energetic charged particles - much like those found in the galactic cosmic rays – can cause significant damage to the central nervous system, resulting in brain impairments, according to reports today. 

This has big ramifications.. it could prevent us from going to Mars. But.  Maybe we should send androids there first. Humanoids to test the waters and see what things are like. Eventually when we merge man with machine we can join the robots who by then will have a beautiful garden with a terrace overlooking the planet Earth built for our arrival.
A human can dream.
Nonetheless. The article worth reading here:


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