SMILE!! You did well at the box office this weekend

The marketing for the movie was brilliant, with smiling people gracing baseball games and public locations for the past two weeks. Nice move!

But what few are talking about with this is the ‘smile’ concept. It is based on a short horror film.. but it also seems to borrow a lot of the concept of IT FOLLOWS. In that movie, what followed was a sexually transmitted disease and bad reputation. In this film, it is mental illness. We cloud it and hide it with a smile.

I am not sure if the film makers went for a deeper meaning than what we got, but it sure felt like something much more meaningful was hiding under the surface.

Ethan Hawke freak out

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Think of the children!! FACES OF DEATH getting a remake

The original claimed it was banned in 48 countries! But that didn’t stop your friend but somehow getting a hold of the VHS and sneaking your classmates into his living room to get grossed out for 113 minutes. The childhood rite of passage of the 1980s, though disjointed and horrid, is making a strange comeback. … Read moreThink of the children!! FACES OF DEATH getting a remake