At least it is not going to be TWO HOURS AT FREDDY’S

The rumors of a 3 hour FNAF movie are not true.. more like an hour and 50 minutes of fun.

Despite people’s objections the concept was perfect for a film adaptation and we hope it’s as fun as the original game was years ago when it was released..

No, The FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S Movie Is Not 3 Hours Long

AMC Theatres has revealed the runtime for the upcoming video game adaptation, and it’s actually quite reasonable.

There has been a lot of pre-release hostility for this movie, even before people see it. Will it be OSCAR worthy or even CHAINSAW AWARD worthy? No! But it does not have to be. If it provides jump scares, tacky humor, a few creepy parts, and something that could be teenage friendly, that is all we need.

The game was a phenom.. the movie won’t be.. But if it captures the right audience, a lot of 12-14 year old kids who played the game as a child will flock to theaters. Of course they need to go with an adult as it is rated R..