Michael Myers vs the first responders

This was bound to happen! Judging from the trailers and clips release so far, John Carpenters next installment in the Halloween series threatens to pummel first responders. The movie “Halloween Kills” seems to begin with first responders and firefighters trying to put out the fire that Laurie Strode set to kill Michael Myers. Instead, and … Read moreMichael Myers vs the first responders

‘SNL’ Season 47 Premiere Is Lowest-Rated Episode in Show’s History

Owen Wilson picked the wrong year to host “Saturday Night Live.” The Season 47 premiere was “SNL’s” lowest-rated episode of all time — Read on www.thewrap.com/snl-season-47-premiere-record-low-ratings/ Often criticized for a lack of humor, the younger demo have all but abandoned the show.. it was the lowest rated episode and some say rightfully so after an … Read more‘SNL’ Season 47 Premiere Is Lowest-Rated Episode in Show’s History

The Drudge show hits IMPEACHMENT

It is great to see Matt Drudge showcase himself again on his own website.. There is absolutely no doubt that the Drudge Report changed the world, started a media revolution.. and for better or worse paved the way for what we are dealing with today… Drudge showed the media that a glamor job on a … Read moreThe Drudge show hits IMPEACHMENT