Nick Castle is hinting to a surprising ending to HALLOWEEN ENDS

Unless it is a musical number in which Freddy, Jason, and the Chucky doll all unite with Michael Myers to sing a Broadway style goodbye, it seems unlikely that anything could surprise us at this point about Halloween.. thoughts ?

Jamie Lee’s end on “ENDS”

Jamie Lee Curtis ‘ends’ in ENDS Jamie Lee Curtis has announced that she has officially wrapped filming on Halloween Ends, and with that, possibly on the franchise for the final time. “A bittersweet END for me on the Halloween movies. I’ve made great friends and have collaborated with wonderful artists on these three movies and … Read moreJamie Lee’s end on “ENDS”


Halloween Kills released on Friday both in theaters and on Peacock, and absolutely dominated at the box office with a $55 million take. Most of it came from North America and its love for Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter, and the $50 million debut came above original expectations. People seemed to ditch the at home experience in place … Read moreMICHAEL MYERS MAKES KILLING AT BOX!

‘Halloween Kills’ Heads for Killer $50M even with dual Peacock debut

The Halloween mood has set into the box office.. James Bond pic ‘No Time to Die’ while Ridley Scott’s historical epic ‘The Last Duel’ is bombing in its debut.. Enter Michael Myers.. At this point, even with the Peacock release along with theaters, the newest inception into the foray of Halloween flicks is set to … Read more‘Halloween Kills’ Heads for Killer $50M even with dual Peacock debut

Michael Myers vs the first responders

This was bound to happen! Judging from the trailers and clips release so far, John Carpenters next installment in the Halloween series threatens to pummel first responders. The movie “Halloween Kills” seems to begin with first responders and firefighters trying to put out the fire that Laurie Strode set to kill Michael Myers. Instead, and … Read moreMichael Myers vs the first responders

HALLOWEEN KILLS looks unforgiving and relentless

HALLOWEEN KILLS look unrelenting.. On the anniversary of 9/11, it appears that Michael Myers will slaughter firefighters… There appears to be no forgiveness.. The newest HALLOWEEN KILLS trailer begins with two children telling a woman (Kyle Richards’ Lindsey Wallace) about a man in a creepy white mask playing hide-and-seek with them. That man, of course, … Read moreHALLOWEEN KILLS looks unforgiving and relentless