The OFFICE Halloween cut scene lives on in infamy

BIG fans of the OFFICE here at the HORROR REPORT.

After seeing a ‘best of Halloween’ Youtube OFFICE themed video, one particular scene was foreign. That is because it was rarely seen–cut by NBC and not on Netflix when it appeared there or Peacock now in its current home.

The scene was originally featured in the episode, “Koi Pond,” the eighth installment of season 6. You will not find it now.

“Koi Pond” was one of the most memorable episodes from The Office season 6. Jim had a meeting with an important client but it was requested that Michael come along. When the duo returned, Michael was soaking wet and it was revealed that he fell into a koi pond. After a lesson about mocking fellow employees, the office learned that Jim could have stopped Michael from falling into the pond but he purposely stepped aside to let it happen.

The episode is famous in OFFICE lore for the plot. But also famous for what vanished.

The episode aired on October 29, 2009, and opened by showing the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton putting together a haunted warehouse for the local kids. Darryl , who Michael referred to as “gangster pumpkin”, pushed the kids around as the rest of the employees put on less than inspired horror scenes.

The cold open-ended with Michael simulating a suicide, horrifying the children while turning it into a life lesson and referencing that Christmas is not the only season with a message and that suicide is not the answer..

It appears NBC had a backlash to the episode. Some thought it was too offensive and inappropriate causing NBC to remove the scene. Michael was dressed as Saturday Night Live‘s character, D*ck in a Box during his hanging.

You an see it here, still, in all its cut and edited glory: