Halloween’s Other End

Halloween ENDS has become even more controversial that Busta Rhyme’s cameo..
But could it have been even MORE controversial with an alternate ending that some speculate was possible?

Now that we have all witnessed this weekend’s atrocity (sure many of you may still like it) of a HALLOWEEN ENDS, we need to refocus..

The original ending MAY have been different–and quite frankly would have even been MORE divisive than what HALLOWEEN ENDS already did..

From the YouTuber CRITICAL OVERLORD, this video talks about how the potential ending could have been–Laurie would have looked at ‘the Shape’ SHE would have become the new evil.. Much more controversial, no?

At least it would have been interesting!

What we got was.. certainly not what many expected. Wanted.. or deserved?

But really.. what movie since Halloween 1 and 2 were what we expected or deserved, right?

… right.

We guess.