Art Bell as AI

If Art Bell was alive today he would absolutely love the idea of artificial intelligence creating artwork. It deserves a lot of attention and a lot of questions as well.

What is this art? Why is it so dark? We may explore more about this ..

In the meantime enjoy what Coast to Coast a.m.’s website showcased: a listener to the program asked AI to come up with what it perceived Art Bell as being ..

From the site:

A Coast listener going back nearly 25 years, James writes, “What I have found is AI art can be very realistic…to prophetic…to simply creepy. I feel the spirit of Art coming through in some of these AI-prompted creations.” “The AI images I create are done through the AI program Midjourney. To create an image, you need to input a prompt into the AI. This can be as simple as, “Create an image of a wolf”…or, you can get more complicated and give the AI exact details such as; style, influence, lens/camera used, rendering style etc.”

Perhaps our favorite image of all from the collection presented: