Earlier today the HORROR REPORT, along with a varied amount of other sources, wrote about the newfound appreciation of an old game called CHARLIE CHARLIE.. Rooted in Mexican paranormal tradition, the game involves using pencils to summons a demon with a pair of people chanting “Charlie Charlie” followed by questions of their choice. And the … Read moreTHE CHARLIE CHARLIE CHALLENGE CHILLING SOCIAL MEDIA

Alice? Alice! Who the f&() was Alice?!

But it’s a shame that TLC wasn’t laying attention in May 2007–the time when someone named Alice took to a message board to talk about allegations of molestation against Josh Duggar. Now he and his 19 are canceled and TLC has some explaining to do.. For one I agree with Honey Boo Boo’s sketti making … Read moreAlice? Alice! Who the f&() was Alice?!

A young boy walks along the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial the day before Memorial Day in Washington, DC, USA, 24 May 2015. Sunday is the traditional Rolling Thunder XXVIII First Amendment Demonstration Motorcycle Run. The annual gathering first started in 1988. The riders who come from around the United States and other countries rally at the … Read more