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The God of Chaos in 2068

Rest easy tonight. This is not the night of the mighty Apophis — we have more Earthly things to worry about with a virus raging and political distractions causing immense and true division.

But be warned.. a giant killer stalks. It may pass by through our friendly skies safely in 2068 and all of these predictions will be naught.

Or we will look back at 2020 and relish in the thought of just how great it was after all.


Venezuela goes dark: Country hit by major blackout

REUTERS REPORTING TONIGHT: A major power outage hit crisis-stricken Venezuela on Thursday, according to Reuters witnesses, a problem the government of President Nicolas Maduro quickly blamed on “sabotage” at a hydroelectric dam that provides...


Words of caution on the flu from Seph Lawless

There is no escape.. the flu is rampant in 50 states and officials have declared it the worst in a decade–perhaps longer–and the season is not peaking yet. More to come.More misery.And tragically more...


Watching 9/11 all year long

  I have always struggled to know why I, along with many others, watch footage of 911 every year … also several times throughout the year. It seems ghoulish, it seems like we just...



I have a few ‘floating’ observations to make about this past weekend. Initially I fell victim to the hype..the overkill..the horror–from the news media! I have been in touch with some family and friends–a...