Modern media exceptionalism: Did you really read the ‘news’ today?

All the news making headlines… good luck finding what matters!

This post just will take a brief out from the perils of modern life.

There ARE really things in the world happening besides the COVID hangover.. besides Democrats and Republicans fighting about the latest insignificant event.

And we are told to trust the ‘trusted’ sources.. the news media! Hear them snooze!

While real events occur, they are busy posting lame headlines for click bait and talking heads on TV for ratings. Do they even get ratings anymore? Ahh.. who cares, right? YouTube pumps them to the top of the algorithm .. Twitter brands them. They are number one baby.

But despite their accredited and heralded abilities to give you headlines that matter, they so often neglect news.

Like, the real news. The things that actually happen.

Local news had to report what big networks failed to: All this summer a hazy smoke has been in the air shading the sun even more orange near nightfall. Sure, it made for cool photos.. but where did this smoke come from, you ask? Yea.. everyone asked. Because the BIG networks failed to report on the ongoing Canadian wildfires.

An last night while you slept, a massive 8.2 quake hit near Alaska, and caused tsunami warnings throughout the Pacific. Luckily they didn’t come to fruition.

Bet you didn’t know it was the biggest there in 50 years and the shaking was continuous after the quake. You wouldn’t know because the “News” this morning did not even give it a passing mention. NOT A PEEP.

Thankfully Steve Lookner woke up in his Florida apartment to go live in the early AM. He is becoming the more trusted name in news for us!

Finally, just as quickly as news trucks descended on Florida to cover the apartment building collapse in Miami, they left.. most satellites gave up their feed long before the final body was removed from the wreckage..

I guess the attention span just isn’t ready for anything longer than a few characters of text.

We are supposed to trust them.
We are supposed to listed.

The fight so often seems to be about which network to trust. Democrats have CNN and MSNBC and Republicans get FOX and whatever other startup exists on a cable platform near you.

We debate endlessly which one is more biased when in fact they all are.

Sadly what has been lost?

Real news, real information, real reporting.

It has become obnoxious beyond repair.