Looks like Drudge is listening to Art Bell again

While Matt Drudge didn’t link news on the much reach Drudge Report about Art Bell’s return to radio–he did in 2013 with the Sirius deal–a look at headlines being posted on the site makes one wonder if he’s been listening..

Just today.. Asteroids…blue moon…aliens and the Vatcian.. Cancer from cell phones… Exorcisms airing on live TV and being filmed I parks … And humans evolving a new way of walking.

While Drudge focused mainly on politics over the course of career, oddities and strangeness has been intertwined.. 

I have it on good source that Drudge is a Bell fan. Even when he hosted his own Sunday show in the early part of this century, he crack wisely about Bell taking over the night after him.. 

A peek at Drudge headlines makes me conclude that MIDNIGHT IN THR DESERT may be forcing him to think about other worldly things that matter often more than political intrigue.

Such as Donald Trump. 

If you’re listening Drudge, you’re joining a big group of Midnight fans that Bell is developing. 

Keep on linking the weird. We will keep reading. 

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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