Who’s this brood? The great 2024 Cicada Invasion

Get ready! It may not be as scary as giant flying spiders but it’s scary due to the number: Trillions..

Experts are warning that 2024 will be seeing something that only the likes of Thomas Jefferson last witnessed: A massive cicada invasion as broods wake up from their long slumber.

We are about to see something that President Thomas Jefferson saw.. Billions if not trillions of cicadas are about to swarm the United States East Coast..

MORE.. The last time Broods XIX and XIII co-emerged, Thomas Jefferson was president, and the Louisiana Purchase was being finalized.

The is pretty wild–things will get visually wilder as we head into later April and May when this entire event will begin to take place …

We went back in time and found some old newspaper snippets from the year 1800–then when these cicadas were circulating. At that time, the vernacular was to largely call them locusts. The papers in 1800 referred back to 1715 to compare what was about to be seen .. At that time, in 1715, this is how the locust invasion was described: “In the month of May a peculiar kind of grasshopper or flies, called by the English locusts, iffued up from the earth.” It was like a horror movie was being described.

Oh and in case you were wondering, of COURSE there was a horror movie about cicadas called… drumroll: CICADA. Maybe it will be some good b-movie viewing during the real invasion.

Just as long as you are safely watching with your windows closed and cracks of your doors sealed shut..