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The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight

As this post is written, there are only 5 days left until Christmas. That is four shopping days. four/five food prep days.. Six stressful days of work, COVID-19 fears, and also wrapping. Santa can’t do it all, after all..

So we travel back in time and see headlines of the past… headlines of tumult and hope.

And you can decide.. Are you the kind of person who signs, who sees miracles. Or do you believe that people just get lucky…


The life changing moments

This past week I learned that a truly wonderful person left this planet. She was a kind hearted who led her family through good times and bad. I have had a bit of a...



Is it my imagination or has this year simply vanished in time? Lines grains of sand… slowly..slowly..slowly moving their way through the hour glass. Only in this case, an hour felt like a minute...


School days of August

​I had a bit of an emotional morning the other day .. at a strange place no less: A gas station.. After filling my car with regular octane, I walked into the store to...