Sudden strange shifts in reality

Ever have one?That kind of reality shift that really causes your head to spin.. almost get dizzy.. While I often talk about the Mandela Effect this time I am not. Instead I am exploring those real moments–on this timeline–where you see something for what it is.. So evident in front of you that your brain … Read moreSudden strange shifts in reality

The wrasling days are back again. At least in my house.

Ratings may be down. But in my house? ….rising again It finally arrived! The special moment when my son and I could attend a professional wrestling match together.The venue: Wilkes Barre.. The moment: Magical! My soon to be 7-year-old became an immediate fan. He knew little of the matches or wrestlers prior.. but during and … Read moreThe wrasling days are back again. At least in my house.


Does anyone play FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S Sister Location? My son’s sixth birthday was held this weekend..a fun time had by all, but I was amazed to hear and see the number of kids his age who are seemingly addicted to these games, whether having the action figures or just talking about the games they … Read moreKIDS LOVE FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S

Never underestimate the intelligence of a child

My son paused from games and playing this weekend to note something to me.. In his innocent five year old voice, he conjectured that ‘there are a lot of bad people on the planet.’ It was a remarkable statement from someone still new to this big hot pale blue mess. On Friday night he overheard … Read moreNever underestimate the intelligence of a child

Famous last words and midlife turns 

On a yearly basis I post the song linked with this published HORROR REPORT today, September 2, 2015. My birthday.. I don’t remind readers of this for selfish reasons. As a matter of fact, I purposely ‘hide’ this information on my personal Facebook page simply because I don’t want to navigate the ‘Happy birthday” or … Read moreFamous last words and midlife turns 

About a year ago I wrote a critical post concerning UNCLE GRANDA ( .. I was also called to task on my statement. One reader wrote this at the time:  That show is great. Seriously. It is all about acceptance and just being yourself. Uncle Grandpa is there when you’re down and reminds you everything … Read more