About a year ago I wrote a critical post concerning UNCLE GRANDA (http://coalspeaker.com/post/63312159390/a-question-for-all-the-parents-out-there) .. I was also called to task on my statement. One reader wrote this at the time: 

That show is great. Seriously. It is all about acceptance and just being yourself. Uncle Grandpa is there when you’re down and reminds you everything is going to be alright. It’s a good stupid show with a serious message.

Another wrote,

it has really solid messages about confidence and body positivity. have you even watched it?

And finally, people began sending me messages calling me out on my initial criticism.. 

I gave in at the time. I announced I’d watch Uncle Grandpa. Or at least try..

And now these days, almost two years later, my son is watching UNCLE GRANDPA. And laughing, loving it. He doesn’t quite get everything.. but who would completely comprehend a giant realistic flying tiger that shoots rainbows from its rear?

However… I admit it. I say it now, for the record: I have come to not only enjoy UNCLE GRANDPA, but I laugh out loud at parts and also see the deeper lessons in play.

I admit when I make mistakes. I misjudged the gramps without watching the show .. I have now accepted it.

And I am thankful that the KID WHO’S FOUR, CAILLOU, is a long distant memory of my son Ayden..

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