Never underestimate the intelligence of a child

My son paused from games and playing this weekend to note something to me.. In his innocent five year old voice, he conjectured that ‘there are a lot of bad people on the planet.’

It was a remarkable statement from someone still new to this big hot pale blue mess.

On Friday night he overheard a bit of evening local news describing a small town criminal who killed an infant. I knew he heard it but when I noticed him watching he turned away.

My Tv was glued–a bit–to tragic news of Christina Grimmie being killed and then over 100 being shot at the Pulse night club. It clearly was notice for my son, who had a puzzled looked of sadness on his face when he realized just how many bad guys there were on the planet.

I told him that he was right.. That there were bad people. But I reassured him that there were more good than bad.

Then I secretly pondered how I’d reassure myself of that very sentiment..

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