Some late Saturday night shenanigans making news from the planet and beyond..
Typhoon hits Taiwan with the same force of Katrina.. The storm went on to make landfall in China.. Soudelor was the strongest storm on the planet so far in 2015.. At this point, at least 1 million are without power..
The eye of the drone.. the way we view earth–and photography in general–is changing. Thanks to drones.. and here are some photos to prove it..
More Yellowstone fear–a bear attacked a hiker and killed him.. and that has given rise to the media’s ability to bring out the fear.. DAILY MAIL interviews an expert who says a nuclear hell on earth will hit the United States if Yellowstone blows..
From ZERO HEDGE: Dropping the bomb was never justified.. despite history textbooks saying it was needed to end the war.. it really was not.
What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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