The TikTok time traveler in the shed

What a story!!

We have been following the stream of a TikTok user named Alec Schaal who claims a time traveler was in his shed..


Here is the basics: Security cameras from the real estate TikToker from one of his air BNBs showcased a strange event: A younger looking man with a back pack, acting a bit odd, walks into his back yard. He walks into the shed.. He never comes out. All of this was caught on a security cam..

The owner called the police, and the cops could not find anyone in the shed or anywhere else.

A day later an older looking man walks OUT of the shed, stares at the camera, and walks away in the front yard.

All of the footage has been uploaded to TikTok. All of the evidence presented has been now become the latest hotly debated time traveler thread.


Calling Art Bell.

The story made TMZ a few days ago. Other news organizations are now picking it up.

Shaal even showed a video from the front yard cam.. the older gent seemingly walks slowly towards a car that is parked. He stared into the passenger seat, and walks away. Moments later, the later turns on and turns around and seemingly drives towards the man who walked away..

A cool story. A lot of people are critical and saying that Shaal is just trying to get attention.. Others are open to a time traveler…

Both sides of the spectrum, whether they doubt or believe, are invested in this story..

But what, if you can tell, is the logo on the shirt of the older man who comes out a day later……?