This is life..

So this is just life now, right?

Compare your life today to what it was 5 years ago, compare it to 10 years ago. This is not political. No “Reagan are you better off four years ago” stuff. Just … reality.

Now, if you’re really young, there may not be much to compare to. Your memories just sort of blend together in a big bowl of childhood.. but if you’re older, if you have a recollection of things as they once wore in the not too distant past.

You will realize that things today are not the way they should be .. The documentary about Nickelodeon near about a month ago has come and gone. Since that time, everything seemingly has moved on the scandal. That should have been one that rocked an entire industry. Just poofed away.

The war in Russia and Ukraine has killed potentially hundreds of thousands of soldiers. The media has told us civilians have been dying along the way as well .. The Israel Gaza conflict has claimed the life of at least 30000 civilians, including children, but yet we just continue to move on.

College campuses are being rocked by protest, but it’s not just process, but instead now violent outrage. But the media just tells us keep plugging away. This is life. They are graduating anyway, apparently.

Everyone says the economy’s doing fantastic, but you’re broke.

Prices that you pay now are much higher than they’ve ever been before. Forget this is normal.

The new normal as it would be. And I’m not sure if it was COVID. Some will say this is the ramifications of free money giveaways during the virus outbreak.

With inflation topping and toppling us, but something seems to be wrong. Something seems to be weird and everyone seems to be on edge. Things don’t feel right. You all know you can sense it. You all know you can feel it, but yet we’re told this is just how things are guess what? I don’t think so.