It happens so often.. not a month goes by–or full moon or solstice in this case–where we aren’t worried about end times..

Timothy Halloran, who runs the Rasa Lila Healing YouTube astrology channel, filmed a chilling video in woods in Savannah, Georgia, on Thursday warning that the events around the Pagan-celebrated solstice may not be a calm and spiritual as people imagine.

He spoke of fears of an “increased energy” bringing about “madness, hallucinations and delusions of grandeur” among the population.

Mr Halloran, whose facial expressions and mannerisms have been compared to those of Russell Brand, the British comic turned turned revolutionist, prioduced promotional material for the video, called Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 16 2016 – Psychic Warfare and Crusading.

The UK EXPRESS has the rest. Including the ‘psychic’s’ photo..

And this as well:

He urged people to “bite the bullet” to see the “mechanism beneath the surface” rather than becoming “more delusional, even more crazy and even more in denial”.

After another rocky time of eclipses in September, will come peace through the dwarf planet Ceres.

He said: “What is light at the end of the tunnel is Ceres is saying peace and love

“Things will start to calm down going into the future.

"After all the changes, all the awaking, the electro shock, then comes Cancer nurturing time – back into our beloved ones circles, our tribes and empathy for one another.”


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