Does anyone play FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S Sister Location?

My son’s sixth birthday was held this weekend..a fun time had by all, but I was amazed to hear and see the number of kids his age who are seemingly addicted to these games, whether having the action figures or just talking about the games they downloaded, even acting out certain portions..

Don’t get me wrong.. I am attempting to NOT become prudish. I watched horror from an early age and turned out (mostly) fine… but I was just stunned by how many young children under the age of 10, these kids being 4-6, knew so much about the game where dead children inhabit animatronics and try to kill a security guard at a pizza restaurant famous for mass murder. 

So this brought up the question in my mind, what age is too young for FF@F?  What does anyone else in this modern age do with such a question: Google it.

I found countless religious-themed websites decisively saying that this game, the 1st through 5th and then the Sister Location addition, are devilish.. will cause nightmares .. are immoral. Are hard to handle for a child. These are the same types of people who would have condemned my mom for allowing me to watch certain horror films as a child… 

But I will give the theory some credit. Some children cannot handle horror games. Some children SHOULD not handle horror games.. 

I think one reason so many young kids play FIVE NIGHTS is due to the FGTEEV family on YouTube playing it.. that channel is an innocent and kind family gaming station.. 

The kids at my son’s party presumably don’t know the murderous story behind the FIVE NIGHTS series.. That’s too heavy for them to know. The jump scares are just enough…

The next fad on its way to become a part of pop culture for kids under ten (and beyond): HELLO NEIGHBOR.

Horror for kids. 
Safe? Sound..? 
Over the top?