There have been four fireballs seen in the Eastern United States in just the past 24 hours.  The info: Event #2305-2014 was seen at approximately 1:11 local time (EDT) in FL and GA. Event #2306-2014 – Over 77 witnesses from MI, IL, OH, IN, ON WI, PA, NY and KY reported a bright fireball over Michigan around 21:55 local time. … Read moreFIREBALL ALLEY

Another newly found asteroid. Another near earth miss

Every time we see news that another asteroid is going to have a ‘close shave’ or a ‘nearby run’ at the planet Earth, we also note this: The asteroid was typically discovered just days (or in some cases mere hours) prior to the collision that will not be. The scenario is no different than the one … Read moreAnother newly found asteroid. Another near earth miss


Things didn’t go well for private space exploration Friday. This is a Space-X rocket. It self-detonated after an ‘unexplained malfunction,’ causing the explosion in the blue sky.. The flight was a test run..The video of the explosion can be seen here. Space-X issued a statement regarding the explosion, saying in part that they were pushing the limits … Read moreTHE SPACEX HEX

Is that a face on your comet, or are you just happy to be probed?

Where’s Richard C. Hoagland when you need him!? The ‘Enterprise Mission’ was famous for spotting a ‘face on Mars,’ one that turned out to just be a trick of the camera and lightning gone awry.. But there’s a new trick in space, one perhaps even creepier: The face on the Comet.. It was spotted by … Read moreIs that a face on your comet, or are you just happy to be probed?


Imagine.. a world where reputable and mainstream publications are presenting information about potential alien artifacts on the moon! Did Richard C. Hoagland’s past books get read over the weekend? Or maybe this: It possible that if traversed our galaxy, there’s a chance they left behind evidence of their travels on the moon. This is coming … Read morePAGING RICHARD HOAGLAND!!