Hadron Hell?

The Large Hadron Super Collider is going to be restarting again–a new particle, we’re told, could be detected this year that would make the Higgs Boson look minor. For those keeping score, there are tons of websites online depicting a frightening scenario, one that they say even Stephen Hawking is warning us of.. perhaps a … Read moreHadron Hell?


There have been four fireballs seen in the Eastern United States in just the past 24 hours.  The info: Event #2305-2014 was seen at approximately 1:11 local time (EDT) in FL and GA. Event #2306-2014 – Over 77 witnesses from MI, IL, OH, IN, ON WI, PA, NY and KY reported a bright fireball over Michigan around 21:55 local time. … Read moreFIREBALL ALLEY

Another newly found asteroid. Another near earth miss

Every time we see news that another asteroid is going to have a ‘close shave’ or a ‘nearby run’ at the planet Earth, we also note this: The asteroid was typically discovered just days (or in some cases mere hours) prior to the collision that will not be. The scenario is no different than the one … Read moreAnother newly found asteroid. Another near earth miss


Things didn’t go well for private space exploration Friday. This is a Space-X rocket. It self-detonated after an ‘unexplained malfunction,’ causing the explosion in the blue sky.. The flight was a test run..The video of the explosion can be seen here. Space-X issued a statement regarding the explosion, saying in part that they were pushing the limits … Read moreTHE SPACEX HEX