The ‘food system shock’

A new report from the Lloyds of London (full PDF link here: is shining some light on the future events that could challenge society and push the planet to a breaking point. Specifically, if you take the time to read through the 30 page report, you’ll find  a few gems worth cringing over. Such as this:

2040 could see food shortages and riots that may challenge society, government, and create a breakdown of the fabric of humanity. If measures are not taken, it would appear that the authors think unprecedented food shortages and riots will take hold.

The report calls the food system “increasingly vulnerable to acute shocks” and suggests that food production needs to more than double by 2050 to meet the needs of the planet..

This is not the first time that scientists and experts warned to impending doom.. For a few decades we have been told the water supply was quickly running out. We  have also been told of a few other disasters coming our way.. Some occur. Some don’t. Some are slower than expected and others never materialize at all..

But the food shortage notion is not new.. Others have warned about it for years.

And all the while, farmers across America are halting production.. there is a lot of land and few gardens.. few people tilling the soil. Instead people plant grass and want it to be as green as possible.

But you can’t eat grass.

Until 2040. That’s when anything appears to be on the table.

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