Forever young

I went to a viewing tonight.. they are never pretty. 
But viewings of someone who is 32 aren’t meant to occur.. viewings of a mom who had three kids is not fair at all..
Even worse, those friends who I gathered with were all with me in high school.. and here we are, aging beyond our early years, talking about parenting, graying hairs, and enlargening bellies..
So when the sadness was over, I walked to my car in the cold January air.. there was the most gorgeous moon shining above. I turned on Pandora and what else is on but but my favorite band AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT with THE KIDS ARE READY TO DIE. It may not be a song about a young woman dying of cancer, but somehow it fit the feeling of the night..
Give it a listen if you never heard it before. And if you did, listen again…
I don’t know if there is a meaning of life but I sure hope there is. Don’t we all?
After seeing grieving children it gets tough to find that meaning, doesn’t it?
Peace all. Be safe.
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