Cell phones ringing on the bodies at the Kiss Nightclub

The tragic situation in Brazil just keeps getting worse.. The bodies were being accounted for, some 230 + are dead.. A story surfaced last night that guards at the Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria were so confused by the fire that they actually were forcing people to stay in instead of escaping flames.. and now this, a story that is surely one to chill you to your core. We live in the information age.. the age of cell phones. And CNN and other media sources report that when workers were climbing through the wreckage they were greeted by the eerie sounds of cell phones ringing.. No doubt loved ones trying to find their family members. But the calls were unanswered.. the horror at the nightclub that took place this weekend is just another in a long line of the kind that took place over the past several years–most often started by a band using pyrotechnics …

This from the CNN reporting:

“It was a really complicated scene. A lot of smoke, a lot of shoes that was left, cell phones, because everybody tried to get out of there running,” he said. “While we were there, we saw the cell phones were ringing. It was parents, friends, trying to know about what was happening and nobody was answering.”

According to reports from the scene about 2,000 people were in the Kiss Nightclub when the fire broke out. It was double the maximum capacity level for the building. It was tragic from the beginning.. truly a shame this happened..

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