Brazilian nightmare: The Kiss nightclub was 1000 people over its limit!

A survivor is helped by emergency workers near the Kiss club in Santa Maria, Brazil, 27 January
The latest news coming out about the Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria: A fire official says the club was 1,000 people over capacity and “according to the information we have, the security guards kept people from leaving the building…

Why were guards not allowing people to leave once the pyrotechnics lit the building on fire?
Speaking to local newspaper Diario de Santa Maria, she said the fire had begun after a member of one of the bands lit a flare (others said a firework) about 10 minutes into the show, setting fire to part of the stage.
According to her, the fire took hold of the club in less than three minutes.
“The band tried to put out the fire with water, but they didn’t manage to,” she said.
“After this, they tried with a fire extinguisher. It was all really quick.”

Meanwhile the death toll continues to climb…



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