MONDAY JANUARY 28 2013 The HORROR REPORT began to see this storm a few days ago developing, and yesterday began some more coverage of it. There is a giant system in the North Atlantic, possibly stronger than Hurricane Sandy, heading towards Europe.. And with it comes high winds, and rain… It’s ‘ex-tropical’ in nature but … Read more

Cell phones ringing on the bodies at the Kiss Nightclub

The tragic situation in Brazil just keeps getting worse.. The bodies were being accounted for, some 230 + are dead.. A story surfaced last night that guards at the Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria were so confused by the fire that they actually were forcing people to stay in instead of escaping flames.. and now … Read moreCell phones ringing on the bodies at the Kiss Nightclub

Forever young

[youtube] I went to a viewing tonight.. they are never pretty.  But viewings of someone who is 32 aren’t meant to occur.. viewings of a mom who had three kids is not fair at all.. Even worse, those friends who I gathered with were all with me in high school.. and here we are, … Read moreForever young