For whom the Bell tolls

Rumors are feverishly flying around online! Will Art Bell Return to the airwaves or is it simply a wishful collective thought from his fans? Here is some more food for thought from a writer on the popular messageboard CoastGab. ‘Kingotnw’ writes That he spoke to a program manager from a radio at affiliate in Minneapolis. … Read moreFor whom the Bell tolls

WEDNESDAY¬†JANUARY 30 2013 Salmonella linked to ground beef in a five-state outbreak.. Richter scale rumblings: Small earthquake causes Canadian area to wonder if a larger one is brewing.. Just days ago a military drill in Florida featuring choppers firing blank machine gun rounds on citizens scared many.. now it’s Houston, where an army drill caused … Read more

2013: The year that Art Bell may be ready to take back the night

The moment that Art Bell fans have been waiting for may have finally arrived.. After much speculation and many cryptic messages for the past three years Bell put this on his Facebook this evening: That’s right, Art Bell said “I am not in negotiation for a new Radio show, stay tuned.” Immediately message boards and … Read more2013: The year that Art Bell may be ready to take back the night