For whom the Bell tolls

Rumors are feverishly flying around online! Will Art Bell Return to the airwaves or is it simply a wishful collective thought from his fans?

Here is some more food for thought from a writer on the popular messageboard CoastGab. ‘Kingotnw’ writes That he spoke to a program manager from a radio at affiliate in Minneapolis. The writer says that he asked the program manager if the station would make a switch from George Noory to Art Bell. According to kingotnw, the manager said:

“We’re waiting on all the details of Art’s new show, but it’s something we are looking at right now. C2C is vvveeerryyy popular, so it would be hard to make a change right at first, but its something we are considering, but we want to see how Art’s new show does first, before we make a change.”

Read the full posting here.

I made a phone call to two of my local radio affiliates that carry C2C to ask the same question and I’m waiting for return calls..

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