The booms above and below

Coast to Coast AM’s main guest last night was Linda Moulton Howe, their frequent contributor. The subject of a story she reported were the strange booms taking place across the United States, along with the odd lights that many times accompany them…

Her report interviewed a Rhode Island witness who said he thought he was going to experience a major earthquake. Rumbles were loud enough to shake the house, the witness told Howe. The incidents occurred on January 9 when the multiple sets of booms occurred. After 11pm, Jim Brown and Amy Brown, the witnesses, saw a bright flash of light followed by a loud boom that startled the couple…

Howe’s reporting on the matter compliments hundreds of not thousands of reports circulating online of people’s reports of loud booms and flashes of lights. Emails to the HORROR REPORT in the past have asked if it’s normal to ‘feel the ground shaking under your feet every now and then.’ Websites have been started to documents booms and bangs across the world.

Ever since the Kiev booms were uploaded online in 2011, the new phenomenon has taken hold of conspiracy and paranormal websites. Mainstream news has been covering many instances, including the sinkhole in Louisiana (*coupled with booms often times*) and the noises and rumbling in Clintonville Wisconsin in 2012.

Interesting reporting..