2013: The year that Art Bell may be ready to take back the night

The moment that Art Bell fans have been waiting for may have finally arrived.. After much speculation and many cryptic messages for the past three years Bell put this on his Facebook this evening:

That’s right, Art Bell said “I am not in negotiation for a new Radio show, stay tuned.”

Immediately message boards and comments on this thread lit up like wildfire.

But will it be during the nighttime hours just like Coast to Coast AM? Will he compete against the show that he loved and created so many decades ago? Or does the new father have the daytime hours in mind?

So many questions yet to be answered answers most likely will be coming soon.. Fans have stayed tuned just like Art Bell has asked them to…

So will he become a competitor to George Noory after all?
Noory will no doubt be silent on the matter.. Tonight the ‘numbers lady’ will try to explain her theories on Coast to Coast.. But in the distance, from the high desert, the rolling sound of a voice in the night may rise again.

Art Bell said ‘no promises’ in his message to Facebook friends and fans. But promises or not, just the thought he may again take back the night waves is music to the ears of those longing for when every night was Midnight in the Desert…

Stay Tuned.

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