Another paranormal gem on radio from Clyde Lewis

Clyde Lewis me have outdone himself last night, showing exactly what paranormal radio should be..
On the program he interviewed a guest only known as Edward, someone who came to him with a strange tale of his mom in the hospital..

According to the story, Edward’s mother suffered a heart attack and during treatment and became very violent with nurses–spoke in different voices, even growling and clawing at them..

Edward concluded that his mother was haunted by the spirit of someone named Olivia, and possibly four other devilish entities.. There was even a brief recording played last night in which a young girl says mommy over and over again..

Whether you believe the story or not doesn’t really matter. After all, radio is entertainment and in the world of paranormal radio it seems that Clyde Lewis is the only one that does it best..

But if you stop for a moment, and suspend your scientific and rational reality, think about the story itself.. If you actually listen to the program from last night you will find that Edward sounds very believable and does not seem at all to be trying to make money off of this situation.. Even further, his mom remains in the hospital and has continued to suffer setbacks, all the while Edward says that his home has seen increasing paranormal activity..
The show is a must listen.
….unless you do believe this, and if so you may want to stay very far away from the topic…

7 thoughts on “Another paranormal gem on radio from Clyde Lewis

  1. I think they should let Clyde take over for noory on Coast to Coast. Then again, maybe not. Ground Zero is so much more cutting edge, maybe he should stay where he's at. As long as some more people drop Coast in favor of letting clyde lewis on more hours!

  2. clyde lewis can be good now and then, but the shows that are political are over the top. Too many Alex Jones type of stuff for me

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