Tuesday night owl news

An update on the world as we know it tonight..

I got an email saying I overdid the coverage on Art Bell returning to radio. I think in hindsight that emailer will disagree with his current position.. It’s a big deal. But there are lots of other big deals happening across the planet tonight.. and here’s a smattering:

This is a big deal: Bradley Manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy for giving secrets to Wikileaks..

Study concludes that sea level rise will effect 1400 cities..

Update on that giant hole in the sun..

Cigar shaped UFO caught on camera in England

Study in Israel seems to confirm cancer risk with cell phone use..

Guess what: A full moon DOES EFFECT our sleep!

More stomach bug cases across the United States..

Homs turns into a wasteland after war.. pictures prove..

Could it be? The legendary chupacabra found in Belarus?

PRESSTV: FBI raid on child porn ignored the elite..

Monogamy may have evolved to prevent infanticide.. But the debate on that continues..

Blackhawks get revenge on Justin Bieber..

Kevin Smith to make a horror movie based on walrus Gumtree listing…

Drink up? Bet you don’t know these surprising ingredidents in beer, did you?


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