Twitter and Facebook is alive and and well tonight with images of the ‘supermoon’ .. the night when our lunar neighbor is closer to the earth than usual and the fact it’s a full moon only adds to the glory of how big it looks in the sky above us..
It looks super.
And immense..
Amazing images are showing up in Twitter feeds and Facebook friends’ images from around the United States..
You need a good camera. And maybe a tripod And slow, slow exposure.. and a brief moment in time with the moon above..
Oddly enough, above my head tonight, the supermoon not only looks larger than normal in the  East sky by it also appeared to be slightly blood red due to atmospheric conditions. But now, at 10:40 when this post is being written, the moon is brighter and more beautiful than normal..
I picture lovers’ kisses and childrens’ wishes..
And when the 2am crowd leaves the bar tonight, bright lights in the sky will light their drunken way home..
May you all be safe and sound under that supermoon.
Sleep well tonight ..


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