The ring of fire is rocking

The Pacific ‘ring of fire’ has seemingly awakened over the past several weeks, producing large earthquakes in a number of locations.

This morning, things were no different; Southern California experienced a relatively substantial shake at 6:30am PDT.. The quake registered at 4.7 but was downgraded to 4.4. ..

While no significant damage has yet been reported, vehicles were rocked back and forth in the early morning commute hours..

CBS’s local affiliate said that they felt an intense rocking back and forth during the early morning quake. Live during the newcast, the entire set of the news program starting shaking as the helpless broadcasters were shocked during the live footage..  reports indicate that the quake lasted for several seconds, as least..

Since the initial large rattle, further aftershocks have occurred.. LA QUAKE BOT, a programmed Twitter account, gives the latest information on the aftershocks in real time..

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