The dire ring of fire

A fearful headline is gracing my computer screen this Sunday morning.. It was filed a few days back, but its importance has not diminished with days.

Notice all of those stories about volcanoes lately?
The Pacific Ring of fire especially? People leaving their homes, forced out from the land… escaping the fire and gas being thrust into the atmosphere on a regular basis now.

But get this: During the last 10 days close to 40 volcanoes worldwide have been showing signs of activity and great deal of them, 34, are located along the very active Ring Fire.

And even more, the increasing volcanic activity around the the Ring of Fire is not new, the region is home to 452 volcanoes, 75% of all earth’s, and geologists have been warning that this 25,000 mile stretch of active and dormant volcanoes is becoming more unstable in recent year!

A series of images and pieces of information can be viewed here..