Freaky Good Friday

The story of the sunken South Korea ferry has been on our radar–it is tragic and pointless that so many probably lost their lives in such as accident. But news today just got weirder: Prosecutors are seeking an arrest warrant for the captain of the ship–the man who said sorry but also who apparently may … Read moreFreaky Good Friday

A Thursday for clean feet

A Thursday with attitude.IF you’re a Catholic, today’s the day you’ll want to have clean feet.Otherwise you’re fine.Twas the Thursday before Easter.. and all through the Church, people were praying, and the world was in lurch.. History is repeated. Re-written. And known.Here’s the news and other oddities worth reading: Things are getting ever so much … Read moreA Thursday for clean feet

The day after the blood moon rising

The world is embroiled in a heated exchange of hatred, wretchedness, and horror.The blood moon rose last night–a few places were shielded from its sinister glow due to cloud cover. The others who were without a shroud saw the first of four of these events.Tis the season..Easter is upon us..the pagan rituals of bunnies and … Read moreThe day after the blood moon rising

More bad mothering

Police find seven dead babies in Utah County home » A 39-year-old woman allegedly gave birth to the infants, killed them, and put their bodies in the garage.. Her name is Megan Huntsman. And she is the latest in a string of weird and horrid mother-murders lately.. Drownings.. killings.. claims of ‘voices’ from beyond influencing … Read moreMore bad mothering