The day after the blood moon rising

The world is embroiled in a heated exchange of hatred, wretchedness, and horror.
The blood moon rose last night–a few places were shielded from its sinister glow due to cloud cover. The others who were without a shroud saw the first of four of these events.
Tis the season..
Easter is upon us..the pagan rituals of bunnies and chocolate crucifixes are back for another round.
Meanwhile, some news events of importance in the Day After the Blood Moon Rising..

Reality was weird on NBC as morning show hosts became oddly apocalyptic over the ‘signs’ in the sky..

Blood moon photos hit web–few selfies included…

As above, so below.. Mars, the god of war, shines brightly in the night sky. Meanwhile on the planet earth, Russia is warning that Ukraine is on the bring of civil war.. The strife and potential war is a new problem for President Obama..  Sanctions may actually do nothing in this matter.. Russia’s news agency is being ‘brief’ in its assessment that war is upon us.. Ukraine’s forces are ON THE MOVE..

More weirdness in the every so weird story of missing flight 370.. It’s still missing, CNN is still running ‘breaking news’ every time a new blip or beep shows up.. and now this: The co-pilot’s cell phone was ON and actually made contact with a cell tower around the same time the plane vanished from radar.. but also this: There is no evidence that Fariq Abdul Hamid tried to make a call.. (?) .. And yes, this is puzzling experts for obvious reasons.  If (IN 2001!) flight 93 passengers made frantic calls to their families to say goodbye, why in 2014 was there no cell calls from Flight 370. Except the co-pilot, of course. The co-pilot who did not make a call of course.. What? Confused yet?
Weird beyond belief at this point.

Promise and hope: A new nose spray may actually protect against all forms of the flu. All..

A long history between Cliven Bundy and the FEDs.. a wrap..

Sy Hersh on the scandal of Benghazi–and the real reason it’s a scandal. Here’a clue: It’s not something you’ve heard from conservatives…

A new disease is here, for which there is no vaccine: Perfectionism. Apparently, we’re now told from experts *(who presumably don’t want to be perfect)* that trying to be perfect is bad for your health. Perhaps so bad that it’s even as dangerous as smoking.. Put that in your perfect pipe and smoke it.

German kids ‘sick’ after porno party–but were they? Mass panic? Kids ages 10 to 15 were involved, no alcohol was found, but boys were dressing as pimps and girls were in fishnet stockings.. While many children complained of sicknesses, no one was really sick except for perhaps 1..

The state of our oceans: Norway man founds a DILDO in his cod!

Mystery explosions in UK are baffling experts.. 

7 scary movies to watch for Easter..

Johnny Depp joins TUSK..

SCARY COCK! Rumors that a chicken began talking in Arabic before slaughter causes panic in Nigeria..

And finally, here is your inspiration to imagine that maybe something better exists after life on this planet. Does this video show an angel appearing at a funeral? Maybe a trick of the light.. maybe something more miraculous. Fast forward to 3:50 as the Moonlight Sonata plays..ominously ..